As part of Getting Primal's Paleo-friendly travel snacks feature, Operations Coordinator of eatingEVOLVED Nick Pizzi was interviewed in order to obtain an inside look into the creation of eatingEVOLVED's Paleo-friendly food products.
Chocolate has received a lot of negative attention in the past. Some researchers, however, have found chocolate in its purest form can actually be quite beneficial to our health. It is unfortunate that the research surrounding the beneficial aspects of chocolate have been usurped by large chocolate corporations in hopes of convincing the public chocolate is actually good for them. Well, here's the problem - the chocolates sold in most grocery stores in the aisles right by the cash registers, convenient stores, movie theatres etc. aren't chocolate. They are junk. Just check out their ingredients - can you even pronounce some of them? How much sugar do they contain? What percentage of that chocolate bar is actually chocolate?

So, the bad news is you can stop convincing yourself that the dark chocolate bar you purchased at the store is actually good for you without first reading its ingredients. Now, hold on, no need to spout diatribes about how chocolate is your guilty pleasure, how it may not be good for your body but good for your soul, and how you only eat it in moderation. No one believes that, not even you. The good news is there are companies which offer Paleo-friendly chocolate bars in its purest form. eatingEVOLVED's creators do just that. Gluten, dairy, soy and refined-sugar free with flavours such as almond and sea salt, vanila bean and coffee, crunchy caramel, and fig and almond, eatingEVOLVED offers delectable chocolate without the guilt. They also offer a vast array of coconut butter cups, their best-seller hot chocolate mix, baking chocolate and a gift box for chocolate-lovers.

What inspired the creators to start eatingEVOLVED?

The co-founders of eatingEVOLVED Rick & Christine were looking for treats that would fit their paleo dietary needs. They began to experiment with making chocolate in their kitchen, giving them to family and friends. People loved what they were creating so they decided to quit their jobs and start eatingEVOLVED.

What is the hardest part about creating your chocolate bars?

We hand craft all of our chocolate so what would be considered the hardest part is also the most rewarding knowing that every product leaving our factory was made the right way.

Are you working on any new flavours at the moment?

We are working on some awesome ideas right now; keep an eye out for any announcements!

Any other paleo-friendly treat connoisseurs who you admire and can recommend?

We are big fans of Cappello's Grain Free Paleo Cookie Dough & Love Bean Fudge.

What would people be surprised to know about the team of eatingEVOLVED?

Over half of the eatingEVOLVED team went to the same high school on Long Island, and a few of our chocolatiers also play in a band.

Any future plans (sneak peeks, teasers, future goals you do not mind sharing)?

We are looking to expand into new stores across the United States, and hopefully go international soon! 
The faces of eatingEVOLVED

For more information about eatingEVOLVED and their products, you can visit their website, like their page on Facebook, and follow them on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

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