As part of Getting Primal's Paleo-friendly travel snacks feature, Simple Square's products were reviewed by Getting Primal. For the actual feature where the creators were interviewed to find out more about Simple Squares's Paleo-friendly products, visit this link.

We had the opportunity to taste test Simple Squares Paleo-friendly snacks. This time around we had the help of my mom and my sister Alessa. I was glad for the extra assistance because I knew Simple Squares' snacks would be more than satiating. We needed the extra testers in order to obtain not only more diverse viewpoints but also to ensure all the different flavours would be covered.

We all had our favourites. The rosemary, ginger, and sage flavours were particularly surprising. The bars had a subtle herb taste which complemented the overall flavour. I, for one, was concerned the herbs used would be particularly overpowering but did not find any of them to be so at all. The kids loved these flavours as well - no complaints from them as they happily munched on their shares. I can see us taking these bars next time we go camping/rv'ing...not too sweet, filling, and packed with energy-boosting nuts!

Everyone but my mom loved the coconut bar. It had a sweeter taste to it than the first three but very subtle. I am not a fan of very sweet treats and I was really impressed with this particular bar. It had the perfect amount of sweetness...just enough to tingle the senses. If you are not a fan of coconut...gasp, I have no idea why not!!??...anyway, if you are not a fan of coconut like my mom, you probably would not enjoy this bar as much as I did. The coconut flavour was not particularly overwhelming but it was still noticeably there - that oh-so-yummy coconut-ty goodness.

I found the cinna-clove bar had a very strong clove flavour to it. Occasionally, I do enjoy cloves in a meal and in treats. I found it overpowering in this particular bar whereas Ronan absolutely loved it. I would not say I would not eat this bar again. It was still delicious. After eating the first four flavours, however, this was my least preferred. If you like the taste of gingerbread, you will more than likely enjoy this bar.

As to be expected, the kids did not particularly like the coffee flavoured bar. The adults - my sister, my mom and I - loved it naturally since we are all avid coffee-drinkers. It was actually my sister Alessa's favourite and I would say it was mine too if it weren't for the cho-coco bar! The coconut chocolate flavoured bar was everyone's favourite (except for my coffee-loving sister) hands down! The coconut/chocolate/nutty combination was positively delicious, and like the other bars, the flavours were not overpowering. Instead of overwhelming you with flavours, this bar tickles your tastebuds leaving you wanting more. I can honestly state, however, that one bar is satiating enough. I can see how these bars would work as the perfect go-to snack for athletes, and for active nut-loving children like ours.

Not surprisingly, my mom who loves spicy food loved the chili prep bar. We all enjoyed this bar except for our almost 2 year old Seamus. His taste buds are not quite used to spicy foods just yet. Don't get me wrong, it imparted a very subtle spicy aftertaste - not too spicy at all.  Ronan and Kiarra ate it all up - like grandma, they both love spicy flavours.

Overall, simple squares bars get our seal of approval. I particularly like how they are not too sweet, they're packed with filling nuts, and contain subtle unique flavours that tease and tempt your tastebuds. Compared to other granola bars or other snacks packed with sugar which essentially wallop you with their enhanced and often artificial flavours, simple squares takes five simple ingredients to create flavourful combinations that are far from being simple. Subtle yet exciting, simple flavours with extraordinary flavour combinations, nutritious and healthy, we will definitely be having simple squares again.

In terms of their cost, they are a bit on the expensive side. As I mentioned, however, one bar proves to be filling enough - perfect for travelling, hiking, camping, post-workout etc. You do not have to go crazy consuming one after another, although of course that's ultimately up to you. We won't judge.
For more information about Simple Squares and their products, you can visit their website, like their page on Facebook, and follow them on Instagram or Twitter.

DISCLOSURE: ​I received one or more of the products or services mentioned above for free. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Hey, I always tell it like it is!


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