This is now...

Changes coming to the blog! We still live, eat, and travel Paleo but Getting Primal is becoming much more than that! Love eating wholesome food and love to travel? Who says you have to forego healthy eating when travelling? BIG and EXCITING changes are happening to the Getting Primal blog! I am in the process of restructuring Getting Primal to encompass far more than the Paleo diet. The Paleo diet is just another way to describe eating fresh unprocessed foods, and I have found on the whole describing it as such can be quite restrictive. Instead, an emphasis will be placed on culinary travel in relation to eating local, unprocessed, wholesome, non-GMO, ethical, sustainable and organic (when possible) foods - healthy culinary travel at its finest! So, stay tuned, healthy culinary-themed travel itineraries and ideas coming up soon!​

This was then...

We are a family of five and on December 2013, my husband and I made the conscious decision to start following a Paleo diet in an attempt to rectify the digestive problems our daughter has had all of our life. Within a few months of switching to Paleo, Kiarra's digestion improved dramatically and we have not turned back since. We are travellers and travelling when Paleo believe me is not an easy feat though certainly do-able. We decided to start this website for folks who travel while following a Paleo diet (major changes coming to our website, see note on the top of this page for updates!!!). For anyone interested in travel, you can also read about our travel adventures as a Paleo family  on our sister site - Circus Living
BonAppetour dining experience