Every month, Getting Primal will feature one not-so-commonly used ingredient in everyday recipes and showcase Paleo-friendly recipes which incorporate it. For the month of February, coconut nectar is featured.

In my quest and hurry to purchase coconut sauce (aminos) one day for a dish, I accidentally grabbed coconut nectar instead. They were placed right beside each other at the natural food store we visit frequently and I did not think to check the label before buying it. Instead of returning the coconut syrup, I decided to look up some recipes which incorporate this sweet syrupy sauce.

Coconut nectar is similar to maple syrup except it is reputably known to have a lower glycemic index. In other words, after having coconut nectar, you will not have the sugar cravings normally brought on by food with higher GI's. In terms of the taste, coconut nectar (well the one I bought anyway) has a fruitier and lighter taste than maple syrup. So if you are a fan of heavy maple syrup with an almost molasses-like taste (I certainly am, the darker the better!), you may not like the tangier flavour of coconut nectar for your pancakes. When I looked up recipes which incorporate this not so common ingredient, however, I found a few worth trying out!

Raw chocolate coconut butter by the Blender Girl uses a combination of coconut oil, cocoa powder and coconut nectar. A similar recipe was suggested in the how to combat your sugar cravings article I published awhile back without the addition of coconut nectar. Coconut nectar would definitely only elevate this treat further!


Raw Chocolate Coconut Butter by The Blender Girl 

Are you a fan of Almond Joy bars? Tessa of the Domestic Diva offers this Paleo-friendly recipe (none of the icky preservatives and other unmentionable ingredients contained in the actual bars) which incorporates coconut nectar as a sweetener. Perfect timing that I discovered this recipe because Easter is fast approaching - the time of year apart from Halloween when Paleo folks make Paleo-friendly treats for their kids so they do not feel totally left out from the sugar-laden celebrations. It goes without saying that this recipe is definitely a must-try in our list!

Paleo Coconut Secret Bars by Tessa The Domestic Diva

Speaking of Easter, here is another recipe worth trying to help ring in the Holiday. DIY Raw Chocolate by Vegan Sparkles is sure to make anyone's taste buds water. Her recipe serves as a starting point for you to make potentially any type of chocolate you desire. You can add anything you wish whether it be almonds, goji berries, raisins, mesquite (what's mesquite? mesquite is one of our not-so-common ingredients featured on the blog) - the sky's the limit here! You can incorporate coconut nectar, honey or maple syrup. You can use raw cacao butter or coconut butter. It is up to you. Make it as your heart or in this case belly desires.

DIY Raw Chocolate by Vegan Sparkles

Cheesecake anyone? For those of you missing cheesecake, raw vegan cheesecakes are to die for. This raw vegan coconut lime cheesecake recipe combines coconut nectar, dates, cashews, almonds, shaved coconut, and lime to create a decadently sweet and tangy dessert.

Raw vegan coconut lime cheesecake by coconutmagic

For the cookie lovers, this recipe for coconut gingerbread cookies is an easy recipe which combines the sweet tangy goodness of coconut nectar with the warm spices of cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger.

And who can forget pancakes? This coconut flour paleo pancake recipe by Paleo Spirit includes a dab of coconut nectar into the pancake batter to help give them a kick. You can even use the coconut nectar as your syrup for the pancakes or if you are like me and prefer your syrup dark and thick like molasses, then go ahead and use maple syrup. At times, we use home-made jam or fresh fruit to sweeten up our pancakes. With the added coconut nectar in these pancakes, you may not even have to use syrup at all. Have some fun with it - it's completely up to you!

Coconut Flour Paleo Pancakes by Paleo Spirit

It is below freezing outside so it is not exactly spring or summer yet for that matter but I could not pass up sharing this recipe for Blackberry and Coconut Nectar Sorbet. A double whammy of tangy sweet coconut nectar and the rich velvety sweetness of organic honey, this recipe is sure to make your taste buds dance with glee. And if that power-packed sweet combination doesn't work, the addition of fresh lime juice, luscious blackberries, and of course, ahem, rum...should make some part of you want to dance. So, as soon as the warm weather hits or sooner if you want (no one is here to judge), be sure to try this divine recipe!

Blackberry and Coconut Nectar Sorbet by Food52

So if you are feeling like you need a change from the usual sweeteners you use, try coconut nectar and make sure to try out these recipes.

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