What is the difference between a Paleo and a Primal diet? Primal folks eat dairy and yes, I have milk in my coffee I admit. And our young one drinks goat's milk. We do not eat cheese because my husband Randy and daughter Kiarra cannot tolerate it though Primal folks eat it now and then (and yes, I can honestly say I do not miss sugary treats but cheeeese, ohhhhh how I miss you). Anyway, this section contains entries on our attempts at living healthy lives with an emphasis on sustainable living and going green. Admittedly, we are very good at keeping up with our Paleo diet simply because we do not have a choice due to Kiarra's food restrictions. We are, however, still struggling with changing other areas of our lifestyles altogether. We need to exercise more, sleep more, cherish each other more, enjoy life more, research natural products to use and use them more (beauty, health, and household) and so forth and so on. So this section of our site will contain entries on our day to day struggles involving exercise, sleep, health and will contain current research surrounding health, tips and advice (as we learn them) on how to live healthy lives apart from our food choices.


Paleo, sex, and date nights: Date night ideas which do not revolve around eating out

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It is true that most folks who follow the Paleo diet are accustomed to making their own food from scratch. For those of us who need or appreciate the convenience of being able to purchase already made Paleo products, however, a list of featured paleo products is offered here.

The Gluten and Grain Free Gourmet

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