Every month, Getting Primal will feature one not-so-commonly used ingredient in everyday recipes and showcase Paleo-friendly recipes which incorporate it. For the month of March/April, maca powder is featured.

You are probably thinking 'hey lady, what happened to the featured ingredient in March???'. Yes, I realize I missed March altogether and there is good reason - we have been busy trying out and testing travel-friendly Paleo snacks! To make it up to you, I started pinterest boards of the not-so-common ingredients Getting Primal has covered and will be adding to them regularly as I discover more recipes. So, you can rest assured that if another killer Paleo tigernut recipe pops up somewhere, it will be going right into our tigernut flour pinterest board! For these recipes, make sure to follow us on pinterest. If I miss any recipes you think I should be adding, please do let me know.

So on to our feature for this month which is the power-food maca powder! Maca powder is derived from the vegetable Maca which is a plant that grows in Central Peru and belongs to the radish family. I first discovered maca powder when I was at the health food store I normally visit here in Niagara. I also noticed maca powder creeped up quite a bit in the raw vegan recipes I would find online. It got me wondering what this maca powder was all about. As it turns out, it is reputably a super-food known to boost energy levels naturally. Unlike caffeine, it is reported to be an adaptogen which means it adapts to your body's needs so some reports have indicated it will not give you the jitters. It has been reported that maca also helps improve mood and increase libido. Some people eat maca powder raw while others prefer the gelatinized or cooked version because it's gentler on the tummies - maca powder can be hard on some so be sure to listen to how your body reacts to the raw form if you intend on consuming it raw. There are several Paleo-friendly recipes which incorporate this super-food and I decided to showcase a few to convey the different types of recipes available.  

Mind Body Green's Maple Maca Ice Cream

What better place to start than with Paleo Mama who offers 14 recipes which incorporate maca powder...that's right, 14! She lists 14 recipes for maca powder which include a recipe for maple maca ice cream, raw maca truffles, hot chocolate with maca, almond cacao cookie with salted maca caramel just to name a few. She's the maca round-up queen so if you are looking for a variety of recipes to give you an idea of what you can do with maca powder, visit her maca page.

How about a nutty creamy maca smoothie? Instead of the usual coffee, make one of these instead. Bananas, almond milk, almond butter, and maca powder make up this energizing and power-packed drink by Blissful Basil.

Blissful Basil's Almond Butter Maca Madness Smoothie
Maca is known to increase libido so it only makes sense that Joyous Health would craft a sexy balls maca raw cookie recipe. Medjool dates and dark chocolate chips give it the sweet oomph this cookie recipe needs with the addition of almonds, goji berries, raw cacao, ground cinnamon and of course maca powder taking it right to the top of taste heaven! Feeling sexy plus cookies, I'm in!

Sexy Balls by Joyous Health

And of course I cannot forget about pancakes. I'm all about the grain-free pancakes when it comes to these featured ingredient recipe round-ups. I think every ingredient round-up I have offered so far contains pancakes in some form or another. Perhaps, it's because it's so easy to add your favourite ingredient to any pancake recipe. Here's a flourless pancake recipe by Tasty Plan which uses the commonly used ingredients bananas and eggs with an addition of maca powder for an energy boost. What a fantastic idea! Stamina-boosting pancakes is exactly what I need.

Maca & Banana Power Pancakes by Tasty Plan
You can also indulge in some Paleo S'more Bars - a healthier version than the usual s'mores. This particular recipe lists creamy almond butter, delicious sweet honey, shredded coconut to add some yummy texture and black maca powder as its primary ingredients. I cannot wait to try these on our next camping trip!

Paleo S'mores Bars by the Raw Food World

To finish up our maca powder recipe round-up, here's a banana bread recipe by the Loving Earth which contains almond butter, bananas, eggs, and cider vinegar with a helping of maca powder. I admit banana bread is not big with my kids. They love bananas but for some reason when placed in a dessert, they tend not to like it. They, however, absolutely love almond butter so this recipe might just do the trick!

Banana & Almond Butter Maca Bread by Loving Earth

As I mentioned, I have constructed a pinterest board for the ingredients we have covered so far. If you want to stay updated on any new Paleo-friendly recipes which incorporate maca powder, follow our board on pinterest. If you have a recipe to add, do let us know in the comments!

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