Every month, Getting Primal will feature one not-so-commonly used ingredient in everyday recipes and showcase Paleo-friendly recipes which incorporate it. For the month of December, mesquite powder is featured.
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One thing I missed the most after turning Paleo approximately a year ago was the taste of caramel (ooooh that glorious buttery caramel sauce!)...that is, until I had a taste of raw vegan caramel pudding! To my delight, I discovered mesquite powder/meal which mimics the taste of caramel perfectly when added to treats. Never heard of it? No worries, I got you covered! Mesquite powder is Getting Primal's featured ingredient for the month and here is a list of recipes showcasing this delicious and nutritious ingredient.

'Speaking' of caramel sauce, here is a raw caramel recipe by Eating Vibrantly which incorporates mesquite powder together with some power-packed nuts (cashews and macadamias). Medjool dates are the ticket to creating this caramel sauce. Together with the mesquite powder, the dates give it that oh-so-delectable caramel taste. The best part about this recipe is that it is raw which means you place them all in a blender and blend...that is it...instant caramel sauce, yum!

Raw Caramel Sauce
by Eating Vibrantly


For a hearty snack idea, here is a recipe for red bell pepper dip which uses mesquite powder by Kristen's. This recipe, though raw, does take some prep time so be forewarned. You will need to soak your cashews and sun-dried tomatoes in water for at least an hour. Soaking your nuts will make it easier to blend the dip as well as make it easier on your belly (soaking nuts for raw recipes is good practice if you find nuts affect your tummy). The dip can be used as a raw veggie dip, in a raw wrap, or can also be used on cooked foods such as burgers.

Mesquite Red Bell Pepper Dip
by Kristen's

Truffles, who doesn't love honest-to-goodness delectable truffles?! This recipe uses mesquite powder and you can use any liquid sweetener of choice. Honey, maple syrup or date syrup...knock yourself out, use whichever one you please! If you do not have access to the fruit Durian, you can always sub with banana or avocado.

Durian Chocolate Mesquite Truffles
by Raw Food Bali

Grain-free mesquite muffins! This recipe uses coconut flour and is nut-free which means kids can take these to school. The flavours of the caramel-like mesquite paired with the bitter rich taste of cacao nibs would make a heavenly match. I have yet to try making this recipe but when I do, I will be sure to let you know how it turns out!

Grain-free Mesquite + Cacao Nib Muffins
by Loving Earth

And another hearty raw food recipe to finish of this mesquite powder round-up...Bring on the Heat Raw Vegan Chili by Alex Malinsky of Raw Food Recipes. With a name like that, there is no way this recipe can fail! Avocado, sun dried tomato, cherry tomatoes, cilantro, lime juice, chili spice, cumin, cayenne, chipotle, raw cacao powder are only some of the ingredients incorporated in this bold and flavourful chili. If need be, you can warm it on the stove or eat it just as it is. Eating this recipe raw means you will be munching on a chockful of nutrients and yummy goodness - the numerous flavours in this dish will feel like a party in your mouth minus the guilt!

So, there you have it, Getting Primal's mesquite powder round-up. Still not sold on adding mesquite to your dishes? It might help to know that mesquite is not only tasty in dishes, it is also high in protein and fiber, gluten-free, and low on the glycemic index which makes it an excellent substitute for sugar. Mesquite is often dubbed by raw food enthusiasts as a super food and rightly so. Mesquite powder tastes great in dishes cooked or raw...did I mention they takes smoothies to the next level???... so experiment with it as you wish and share your successes with us!
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