This is a working list of restaurants located in downtown Copenhagen (dine-in, mobile, and delivery services) which accommodate folks who follow the paleo/primal/AIP diets or folks with food restrictions in general. More info about the restaurants, their menus, and who they cater to are included when possible. This working list has been made possible by the ongoing assistance of the Travelling Paleo/Primal – Paleo on the Go group members on facebook.

Palaeo (ALL menu items are Paleo)

Kronprinsensgade 13 4th 1114 Copenhagen K 45 3398 6969​

Palaeo dispels the myth that take-away and fast food is unhealthy. They make Stone Age food based on the theory that our digestive system has not changed, although food production has become industrialised. This means no more processed carbohydrates, such as corn. It also means no more sugar and unnecessary processing. On the other hand, what it does mean is the good, fresh raw materials that are the building blocks of their culinary art: meat, eggs, vegetables, fruit and nuts.

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