You are probably wondering why I have this section in a Paleo website. No, we are not vegans but we do appreciate raw vegan food. Though we eat meat and vegans avoid it like a plague, I have found we actually have more in common with raw vegans than we do with people who eat the typical North American diet. First of all, raw vegans avoid preservatives and chemicals in their food similar to us Paleo folks. When you eat at a raw vegan restaurant, you can be sure you are getting the freshest ingredients. You can rest assured that you will not be getting a ready-made dressing chockful of preservatives and refined sugars with your salad - no doubt about that. There are also quite a number of raw vegan dishes which do not contain any grains. Some of them may have oats now and then and some sprouted grains but for the most part, I have found more than several raw vegan recipes do not contain any. Secondly, have you tried raw vegan food? It is absolutely delicious and incredibly nutritious. As a family we try to incorporate raw vegan food into our diet at least once a week and hopefully more so in the future. This section contains all the raw vegan recipes we have ever formulated and links to the ones that we tried.

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