Every month, Getting Primal will feature one not-so-commonly used ingredient in everyday recipes and showcase Paleo-friendly recipes which incorporate it. For the month of November, roobois takes the stage.

More info about roobois can be found on Wikipedia.

Ever wonder what you can do with roobois apart from drinking it as a tea?

As I was searching for types of teas to give my kids apart from the usual mint tea, I came across roobois. Roobois or bush tea as it is known in Southern Africa is caffeine-free and is reported to contain a high level of antioxidants. Other touted benefits of roobois include its ability to improve circulation, relieve stomach upset, and its high mineral content. Roobois is also known to help calm and relax the nerves thereby assisting with insomnia.

After considerable research, I found incorporating roobois into our Paleo diet was worth looking into. My kids drink roobois tea without any problems (they like the taste) but I figured finding ways to incorporate roobois into our meals and snacks would also be beneficial.

Upon my research, I found using roobois as an ingredient is not entirely common. There are tons of iced tea and hot drink recipes online but frankly there is not much out there in regards to roobois and Paleo-friendly meal or snack recipes. I did manage, however, to find a few select tantalizing recipes worth trying, and I hope you find these tempting as I did!

Yes I know that it is the middle of winter and you probably do not want to hear about an ice cream recipe but trust me on this, this recipe is super easy and delicious! Do yourself a favour and bookmark this recipe for next summer or hey, if you have no problems eating ice cream during winter or if you are from an area where snow is unheard of (you lucky bugger), knock yourself out! This recipe does not need an ice cream maker - bonus for me since my attempts at using my ice cream maker so far resulted in flops!

Our Earth Land's
Roobois Tea and Date Ice Cream

This particular recipe from The Vegan Cookie Fairy uses roobois to create a delectable raw vegan and Paleo-friendly treat. If you have never tried raw vegan treats, you do not know what you are missing - and I can tell you that once you do, you will be hooked! The recipe is raw so it is chock-full of nutritious ingredients. Delectable and mouthwatering, raw treats are the way to go (especially when you just do not feel like turning on the oven or baking). I have never tried this particular recipe but I will once I replenish our roobois stock and I will let you know how it turns out.

      The Vegan Cookie Fairy's   
Raw Vanilla Roobois Tartlets

And just in time for the upcoming Holidays, here are healthy jam recipes from the Urban Poser (guest post on the mommypotamus blog). One of the recipes incorporate, you guessed it, roobois! They would make great Holiday gifts for the jam-enthusiasts in your family and circle of friends.


Urban Poser's 
Peach Roobois Jam


And what about incorporating roobois into a main meal? Here's a recipe which incorporates roobois into a beef dish. This recipe is not Paleo because of the flour used to thicken the sauce. You can, however, easily substitute with arrowroot or tapioca flour to make the meal Paleo-friendly. I have not made this recipe but it sure is next on my list of recipes to try!

Manu's Menu's 
Beef Braised in Roobois Tea with Sweet Potatoes

So there you have it, a list of roobois-inspired recipes. Hope you enjoy them and let me know how they turn out!
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