Paleo, sex, and date nights

- Date night ideas which do not revolve around eating out -
"Do Paleo people have sex?" My son asked me this question once before. It may sound absurd but he likely figures since we give up most temptations like refined sugars and treats, it only made sense we gave up other forms of pleasure.

Sexuality forms a major aspect of our physical and emotional health. One does not need to be a doctor to espouse that fact. This article is not about the actual act - instead, it's about the build-up to the act...and that is, date nights. What do Paleo people do for date nights? Most of us (well my husband and I anyway in the past) revolve date nights around eating at a restaurant. Ah, boring you say? Where's the creativity? The truth of the matter is eating out especially when sampling new tasty cuisine can be a heavenly and libido-enticing indulgence of the senses (but that is for another topic). When you have dietary restrictions, however, it is not always that easy to find dining out options.

My husband and I have an ongoing list of ideas for date nights, and I'll be honest, the list was once sparse. We try to schedule date nights on a monthly basis. Spontaneity does not always work in a big city like Montreal. We have found from experience that not planning date night resulted in us walking around the city going in circles trying to figure out what to do. Though it may have worked during summer when you were bound to walk into one of the festivals occurring in different areas of Montreal, in the winter when most activities occur indoors, you need to know where you are going. So, I needed ideas, stat.

And that is when I came across Montreal's Salon de l'amour et de la seduction event at Place Bonaventure during my research - a show dedicated to sex and romance. If anyone knew where to go, what to do, and how to enliven the romantic spark between lovers, I figured the folks whose careers revolved around studying the art of seduction would have some ideas which did not necessarily involve restaurants.

And creative ideas I got! In no particular order, here are some I picked up at the event,

Attend a sex show

Well, yes, even just attending a sex and romance show was fun for a date night. My husband and I were able to grab some drinks, and check out the different workshops, shows, and vendors at the event. The different booths available ranged from offering sexy lingerie, wineries offering delicious vintage, couples' themed accommodations, all the way to the more kinky stuff like toys and erotic body art. The show was packed - not a surprise since sex and sexuality is a part of our nature. It only follows that we would be interested to learn more, and what better way to learn than with your significant other in a show catered to mastering the art of seduction?

Special mention: My favourite cider wine using organic apples which I discovered at the event from Maniadakis organic orchard

Take in some burlesque

Ladies (and gentlemen), take a burlesque class much like Lady Josephine's classes located in Montreal. If you are not in Montreal, search around your area for classes. I took a class when I still lived in Ontario and it was lots of fun. One of the many things I like about burlesque is that you are made to feel that despite your size, your shape, your appearance, being and feeling sexy happens when you think you are. The dance is not about stripping completely. It's about the art of the movements associated with stripping which means it can take ten minutes before you take off that pretty glove of yours, and that's the allure of burlesque - it is the ultimate tease. How does this relate to date night? Well, I am not going to paint you a picture. You figure it out. Burlesque can increase your confidence thereby your libido, and make your date night just a little more colourful.

Special Mention: Lady Josephine's burlesque classes located in Montreal, Quebec

Take sexy photos at a boudoir couple shoot 

Say what??!!! Am I talking about a sex shoot??? No, of course not. I am referring to a couple's shoot that conveys your love and passion as a couple. Yes, there may be nudity involved and you may be thinking, no way am I exposing myself with all my nooks and crannies in a photo. No, no, that is not necessary. Most photographers such as Nu 2 know to how play with enough lighting to showcase just the right amount of skin. I am not talking about a porn shoot here. I am talking about a subdued and alluring shoot of you and your partner. On the other hand, if you want to go for a kinkier shoot, no one's stopping you and I am not going to judge.

Special Mention: Nu 2 photography

#artnude #picture #abstrait #love #amour #sensualite #conceptnu2

A photo posted by Concept Nu2 (@conceptnu2) on Nov 2, 2015 at 6:51pm PST

Some "conventional" but creative ideas

What about ideas which revolve around conventional (for the lack of a better term) date nights, and ones that are not exclusively catered to sparking one's libido? I turned to other Paleo folks for that! Here are some ideas espoused by folks who follow the Paleo diet about how they spend their date nights.

"My boyfriend and I take turns cooking for each other for date dinners and we eat them by candle light."

"(Art) Gallery hopping"

"Rock climbing"

"Comedy clubs, where we can enjoy an aip beverage."

"Taking a class together, dancing, painting"

"Taking in local theatre productions, even if it's the high school's drama club."

" nights at home with snacks, go out and play pool, bowling, ice skating, snowboarding!"
"Groupon is also a cool source, depending on where you live for ideas on what to do!"

"(Attend) festivals"

"Even just getting out of the house and going to a cute cafe for a coffee or tea or smoothie or something is nice!"

"Swing dancing!!! Also picnics, hikes, walks, skating, star watching with a pile of blankets and thermoses of tea, movies (especially the outdoor theatre venues that pop up in summer), theatre, live music, etc."

"We drink Perrier water, and have a blast."

"(Surprise your date with activities such as a) escape, bow and arrow zombie shooting, wine tasting, and a duck tour (an amphibious vehicle tour that takes place on land and in the water) indoor wind tunnel/skydiving golf, roller derby, and a Segway tour." 

"We go on hikes, ride our bikes to the park, play games, or work out together." 

"I follow several local websites on facebook that have events and happenings around town and get a lot of ideas from them."

"My husband and I take cooking classes (most recently a knife skills class) and are going to take a tango lesson followed by open dance next month."

"Couples massage or pedicures, game night indoors"

Phew, there's a lot of dating going on among the Paleo members of AIP & Paleo Canada and Civilized Caveman Cooking! (secret group, you need to be invited in). And there you have it, some date night ideas for folks like us who cannot necessarily eat out a restaurant, and for folks who are just tired of eating out. Try some and let me know how it goes!

Do Paleo people have sex? Hell, yes. It only makes sense given we give up other forms of temptations that we channel them elsewhere.

Do you have any ideas that were not mentioned in this post? Write it in the comments field. I would love to hear about it!

Disclosure: All or a portion of this event was sponsored or provided at a reduced cost in exchange for a review. All opinions expressed in this post are my own - no pretenses here!

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